Easy Christmas Advent Calendar for Kids

It is that time of year already....hot chocolate, Christmas music playing in the back ground, Christmas trees and all their beauty, the naughty or nice list, and the thoughts of what gifts will be bought for all your loved ones. I easily can fall into that trap of being caught up with all the gift [...]

How to Make Your Own Burlap Wreath

There is just something about having ‘that’ wreath on your front door. I know you know what I am talking about. You drive by a house with a wreath that looks fabulous. It actually makes the house look fabulous...similar to how certain outfits make you look and feel stunning. I get wreath envy, particularly during [...]

How to Have that Bedtime Routine for Sleep Training

Sleep. That one word is usually lost after becoming a parent. It has been accepted as part of the norm, but you can control this idea of sleep. Say what?! Yep, you can be a parent and not completely lose your sleep. There will be nights where the sleep is absent due to a child [...]

Top Kid Games Perfect for Christmas

Eeek! Christmas is right around the corner, and this momma is starting her Christmas shopping early. Let's be honest. Most of the shopping is still in list format. When it comes to my kids, I try to keep the Christmas gift list well-rounded: mixed with toys, apparel, and of course something educational. The educational aspect [...]

Our Little Mermaid is Turning 1 Birthday Party

I still can not believe my baby turned one this past month. Where did the time go?! This 1st birthday party had to be perfect. I spent a lot of time brainstorming and Pinterest searching.  This mermaid theme party was too much fun and easy not to share with everyone else 🙂 Disclosure: This post [...]

How to Plan a Successful Tailgate with Kids

Football season is upon us now, which means lots and lots of time spent either tailgating or hosting a football viewing party. It is all about the LSU Fighting Tigers from September until that Bowl Game and possibly even a Championship game 😉 Having little ones can make you want to lose your mind during [...]

When It’s the Last

As I sit here and watch my youngest self feed herself in her high chair, I can't help but think where did the time go? How is it that this little baby girl of mine will be 1 in just a few short weeks? She looks up from her tray with big eyes that hold [...]

Emotional Ride of Motherhood

As a mother, we experience so many, MANY different emotions. There is the emotion of complete happiness and joy when we look at those beautiful children that we can call ours. There are the moments of fear, like when we are in Target and our youngest has decided to play hide and seek in the [...]

How to Deal with Sibling Rivarly 

Sibling rivalry....it is a natural occurrence that we as parents have to deal with on a daily basis, some more than others. I remember all the fights I had with my younger siblings over the littlest of things. 'Did you take my pants?!' 'Not me! Your butt is bigger than mine!' Oh how I remember [...]