Easy Halloween Alphabet Bingo Boards

Halloween is right around the corner, and my kids are extremely excited. They have already ran around our house a few times in their Halloween costumes. I decided to take this excitement to the next level with an easy bingo game: alphabet style with a little Halloween twist. These bingo boards are seriously one of [...]

How to Have Fun and Easy Science Activities At Home

As a teacher turned SAHM, trying to find fun and easy science activities can be quite stressful. Constantly searching Pinterest for an experiment or activity that my kids would enjoy as well as be easy. I have found the best solution for this problem: Little Passports! Little Passports has yet to disappoint. We received our 2nd [...]

Pumpkin Carving and Science Fun: Dancing Seeds

It is that time of year again, everything pumpkin. The first day of fall is exciting for the thoughts of cooler weather around the corner and all those fun-filled fall activities. We decided to start out our fall with some pumpkin carving! Who doesn’t love to carve pumpkins? Well my son is not too fond [...]

Top Kid Games Perfect for Christmas

Eeek! Christmas is right around the corner, and this momma is starting her Christmas shopping early. Let's be honest. Most of the shopping is still in list format. When it comes to my kids, I try to keep the Christmas gift list well-rounded: mixed with toys, apparel, and of course something educational. The educational aspect [...]

Bath Tub Fun with a Homemade Paddle Boat

Bath tub time is one of the most looked forward to routines for this house. It means fresh and clean kids for this momma and some water fun for the little ones. My kids absolutely love bath time, but it must include some sort of bath toy. If your kids are like mine, this engaging [...]

Little Passports and Science Fun, Part 1

If you are like me, finding quick and easy science related activities can be tiring and frustrating. I may find one activity that looks AH-Mazing. Then I realize I don't have a single item needed for the experiment, and I have already promised my daughter a fun-filled science experiment. Epic mom fail and a very [...]

How to Make Slime 2 Ways: Grossery Gang Style

Slime....it is one of those things that looks and feels disgusting, but is just too much fun to ignore. I can remember growing up loving all things slimy: earth worms, homemade mud pies, and Gak. Gak was so much fun! I even enjoyed making all the silly noises with it too, haha There is just [...]

How to Make Elephant Toothpaste

You heard me right ..elephant toothpaste. Not really. I was only kidding about it being real elephant toothpaste, but my kids sure did love pretending. This activity is so much fun...the over flowing foam at the end will have your child amazed. It is also a great way to introduce chemical reactions to your child [...]

Blowing Bubbles Made Easy

Blowing bubbles is an activity that will never get old. As soon as my kids see any sort of container full of blowing bubble goodness, they lose it a little. A little? Actually a lot...including screaming for them as if they are the only way they can survive the day.  Blowing bubbles can be a [...]

Erupting Volcano Made Easy Activity

Volcano....who isn't intrigued by them. They are so mysterious and beautiful at the same time. My kids are fascinated by them not only due to the movie Moana- man, starting to sing the song 'Your Welcome' now, but also because they blow up. Kids love things that go 'Kaboom!', at least my kids do 😉 [...]