Easy French Toast Sticks

Meal prepping can be very stressful for a parent. Two words come into mind when I think about meal prepping, picky kids! What kid isn't picky? They have their noses turned up so high if it isn't microwavable or previously frozen. My daughters' love  frozen french toast sticks. Pull them out of the freezer and [...]

Easy Halloween Alphabet Bingo Boards

Halloween is right around the corner, and my kids are extremely excited. They have already ran around our house a few times in their Halloween costumes. I decided to take this excitement to the next level with an easy bingo game: alphabet style with a little Halloween twist. These bingo boards are seriously one of [...]

Pumpkin Carving and Science Fun: Dancing Seeds

It is that time of year again, everything pumpkin. The first day of fall is exciting for the thoughts of cooler weather around the corner and all those fun-filled fall activities. We decided to start out our fall with some pumpkin carving! Who doesn’t love to carve pumpkins? Well my son is not too fond [...]